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Coreman appeared in 2011 LED CHINA
In 1st,Mar.2011 the opening of the 2011 Guangzhou International LED Show,Coreman exhibited high-definition LED display crystal series and other full color LED display, technical experts from around the world impressed Coreman products. Coreman was first proposed to name the best way of viewing distance product that can help customers quickly selected product type, for the LED display industry has brought great changes.

With a wealth of experience, Coreman LED display full account of the key factors of performance and stability, a modular partition design, customization is easy to operate, based on overall improved efficiency. Flexible configuration based on user demand, to maximize the utilization of resources, the failure rate has dropped 60%, 40% lower power consumption, size of the weight reduced by 35% or more, in a stable, reliable, green energy, rapid installation, has obvious advantages. The exhibition further enhance the Coreman corporate image and product brand awareness, laid a solid foundation.

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